Servizi Groupage Diretti

International Groupage Transport

In the various services that Intermed can offer, Groupage is one of the most interesting from the economic saving point of view. Thanks to our long experience in this field, we can offer custom solutions for each necessity.

What is groupage?

The term “groupage” stands for a widespread type of expedition (shipping). It consists of gathering batches (lots) of goods from different senders and directed to different receivers in the same country. This shipping method is convenient because it collects batches of good that wouldn’t be enough to complete a load by themselves. Goods from various shippers are collected as to form a unique load, that will be stuffed in the same container, this operation is named “consolidation”. The forwarder is important for this kind of shipping because he collects the senders’ requests, coordinates the operations in order to manage different types of goods and assists the shipper while releasing all the documents needed.

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