Intermed Shipping is a freight forwarder AEOF certified

12 October 2016

Keyword reliability:

In 2015, Intermed Shipping obtained the AEOF certificate, important recognition for international supply chain operators.

AEOF certificates the reliability of all the economic operators that in their activity work along customs authorities. The certification is part of the new program of digitalization between private parties and economic operators involved in the international supply chain.

The certification has unlimited EU validity.

There are three different certification levels: Intermed Shipping obtained the AEOF certification (Authorised economic operator full), combining the security and the custom authorities simplification.

In order to obtain the certification, the company is committed to meet precise standards and essential requirements. The purpose of the certification, in fact, is to guarantee the respect of the EU standards in the international trade, with a view of simplifying the trade of goods.

Thanks to the AEOF certification, choosing Intermed Shipping for shipments, you will certainly rely on a trustworthy partner.

Therefore since 2015 Intermed Shipping is, even more, a byword for reliability and quality.